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Studies have shown that using animated presentations as integrated components of courtroom testimony has a significantly higher impact on jurors' ability to understand and retain information presented to them. The creation of forensic animation is a largely collaborative process involving the animator and the forensic expert designated by the legal team requesting the animation. Forensic animation is most often used to depict events or technical details that could not be expressed any other way.



Examples Of Our Services


  • Recreations of vehicular accidents

  • Visualizations of events in peronsal injury cases

  • Visualizations of medical procedures in liability cases

  • Recreations of crime scene events

  • Details of techinical aspects in patent litigation

  • Details of architecure in construction litigation

  • Visual representation of a particular technology

  • Animated representations of timelines and data relevant to cases

  • Live action "day in the life" videos


The Process Of Animation



the scope of the project is defined and agreed to by all parties.  Your expert witnesses  will provide the information used in the animation. The animator working on the project will work with your experts to determine the best way to visually represent the needs of the legal team who will provide the underlying facts of the case, define presentation goals, present existing data to the animator for review, and identify requirements for additional data.


Once all relevant information has been received, we will provide an proposal of the production schedule and cost of the project. After client review and approval we will move on to the production phase of the project. This phase includes, but is not limited to:


  • Creating and presenting an animated storyboard of the requested animation.

  • Modeling and/or purchasing of relevant 3D assets for use in the animation.

  • Texturing 3D assets and rigging for animation

  • Animating the requisite shots.

  • Submitting rough animation for client approval

  • Lighting and rendering the approved shots.

  • Editing and compositing final shots into sequenced animation and submitting for final approval




The Cost Of Animation


The Cost of animation is usually determined by 3 factors.


  1. The level of detail of assets and environment involved in the animation.

  2. The complexity of movement of animated elements in the animation.

  3. The total length of the animation.


Generally forensic animation can cost between $50 to $250 per finished second of animation. After evaluating all the information provided in the client's animation request we will provide a flat fee to be agreed upon before starting the production phase of the animation process. Render time is NOT included in calculating the final animation cost.



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